SOAFEE Virtual Symposium

The SOAFEE Special Interest Group (SIG) invites you to join a 2-day virtual symposium to report out on the progress from the first year of this cloud-native initiative and discuss what’s coming in its second year

SOAFEE SIG’s Journey To Date And What’s Next

Read about SOAFEE SIG’s journey and get a glimpse into what’s to come

Building Automotive Linux for Edge and Cloud

Building an Automotive Embedded Linux Image for Edge and Cloud Using Arm-based Graviton Instances, Yocto Project, and SOAFEE

Getting Started with Cloud-Native Automotive Software Development

An Automotive Software Development workshop with Arm and AWS

Using SystemReady in Automotive Applications

A presentation from Arm and Continental about the value of SystemReady in Automotive Applications

High-Performance Real-Time Systems Design from Cloud to Embedded Edge

A white paper from Arm that explores how to create High-Performance Real-Time Systems Design from Cloud to Embedded Edge

SOAFEE Accelerates Autonomous Race Car Development

Discover how the SOAFEE SIG is collaborating with academia to accelerate autonomous race car development

Cloud-native Development with SOAFEE

AWS and Arm demonstrate the benefits of using similar processing in cloud and car - environmental execution parity

SOAFEE Live Q&A Session

On Wednesday 6th April at 4pm Pacific Daylight Time, members of the SOAFEE Special Interest Group will be hosting a live session to answer questions about the SOAFEE initiative.

SOAFEE Inaugural Public All Hands Recording

The SOAFEE Governing Body held a successful All-Hands meeting on the 27th January 2020. Watch the recording here and review the responses to the questions raised

Accelerating Software-Defined Vehicles through Cloud-To-Vehicle Edge Environmental Parity

A white paper from AWS and Arm that explores the role of cloud-native DevOps in automotive system development, the role of cloud to edge environmental parity and role of SOAFEE as the technology enabler.

SOAFEE Inaugural Public All Hands

The SOAFEE Governing Body are pleased to announce the inaugural All Hands virtual meeting for the SOAFEE Special Interest Group. Click through to find out more.